Describe how you feel as if you were a ‘test pilot’

Learn to OBSERVE rather than ‘react’ to the thoughts

4. Test Pilot mode

Describe how you feel as if you were a ‘test pilot’ reporting to ‘ground control’

When the thoughts are disturbing you, one way of relaxing ‘towards’ them is to describe out loud how you are feeling as if you were an outside impartial OBSERVER or WITNESS. Do it in a ‘factual’ rather than ‘emotional’ way.

So for example INSTEAD of saying

“These thoughts are scary… what is wrong with me… will I NEVER get better I going insane” etc..

simply DESCRIBE the thoughts without additional further interpretation – ie.

“These thoughts are scary” – “I feel a tightness in my stomach ” – “I feel VERY uneasy – the thoughts are repeating in my head” etc

Imagine you were a TEST PILOT reporting your feelings and experience to ‘ground control’

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