Dealing with work, friends and family

It is very important to share what you are going through with others – hiding panic builds anticipatory anxiety.

If people are aware that you have panic and they know even a bit about it – it is big help – let them read this book!

However, try not to talk about panic attacks to people who either belittle or blame you for experiencing panic or who try to protect you and make you more anxious.

Sit down with your friends and family and take them through this book and explain to them that you need their help with the recovery process.

If you tell someone you are having a panic attack explain how important it is that you face it..

Some advice for friends and family…

  • Panic is NOT a ‘weakness’ or an ‘emotional problem’.
  • One cannot simply ‘snap out of it’.
  • Panic could happen to ANYONE.
  • Panic is UNBELIEVABLY scary
  • Panic can happen out of the blue and for no apparent reason.

If you have ever choked on a piece of food and thought that you were not going to be able to breath – the PANIC that you most likely felt is similar to what a person is feeling when they are having a ‘panic attack’. Imagine going through that several times every day – never knowing when it will happen!

READ THIS BOOK – it is a simple, fun read. It will take you no more than a few hours. Not long to make a difference in a person’s life. It may even save YOU from panic attacks in the future.

• Give encouragement to face panic but don’t push ‘too’ hard

• Try to accept that even though YOU can’t see what the problem is, the person is feeling GENUINE fear ‘inside’.

• Behave as you would normally do – acknowledge the anxiety, then talk about things you would normally talk about. This will help the person refocus their attention.

• Don’t be alarmed – even though the person is experiencing GENUINE fear inside – they are in no ACTUAL danger

Try to avoid the following cliches..

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