Dealing with Thoughts #1- Using an ANCHOR..

Using an ANCHOR..

Sometimes the mind pulls you about so much it is helpful to ‘anchor’ it to some point of reference. This stops it getting lost in endless distraction.

Anchor 1 – Your immediate environment

When we are lost in thought we block everything else out of our awareness.

Get ‘out of your mind’ and ‘back to your senses’.

SEE life around you.

Feel the TOUCH of your body in your clothes or your weight on the chair or your feet on the ground

HEAR any sounds.

SMELL the air.

When your mind draws you in GENTLY come back into the life all around you.

Allow thoughts to be PART of that experience.

Anchor 2 – Following the breath

Bring your attention to your stomach.

Observe it rise and fall with each breath.

You are going to bring your attention to each out-breath

If the mind wanders, notice what it was that took you away and then GENTLY bring your attention back to the breath.

If you find the mind has settled, ease back from the breath and open up to full present moment awareness.

Anchor 3 – The Body Scan

Scan slowly through the body beginning with your feet, moving up to your legs, stomach, back, chest, shoulders, down your arms, into your fingers and then up to your neck, throat, head, face and scalp.

Then feel your body as a single unit. If you find the mind has settled, open up to the full present moment awareness.

You aren’t trying to relax or manipulate the body in any way – just bring awareness to each part. Do this at whatever speed you wish.

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