Dealing with ‘Setbacks’ – Essential Reminders

  • Setbacks WILL occur – that’s OK – they are a completely expected and necessary part of the recovery process.
  • Rather than getting into the spiral of catastrophisation try to catch it quickly – remind yourself about setbacks then get straight into practice.
  • Remind yourself that even if you had more panic attacks you STILL aren’t in any real danger – you never were, you never will be – you just didn’t realise it
  • You can NEVER EVER EVER forget what you have learned – even if it feels like you have.
  • You can never EVER again be totally in the dark about what panic is.
  • Remember – before you knew about panic you had no idea about what to do – now it’s different. You now have knowledge and skills – you now know at a deeper level that there is a perfectly harmless reason why you feel as you do. You know now that practice will eventually lessen your fear and when you lose your fear of panic IT WILL STOP HAPPENING
  • Remind yourself that the fact that you can even call this a ‘setback’ PROVES that you have been free of the fear for some time – which means that you are clearly making progress! – so well done!

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