Dealing with ‘Setbacks’ – Distorted Thoughts and Rational Responses

Typical Distorted Thoughts 
and Rational Responses


(MISINTERPRETATION and Catastrophisation)

“I’m no good at this practice”

“I mustn’t understand it as well as other people”

“Maybe I’m the exception”

“Maybe I’ll not be able to recover”

“I’ve done all the practice and now I’m just as bad as EVER!”

“I should be better by now – this is never going to go away”

“Maybe there is something ELSE wrong with me and its not just panic”


‘Setbacks are a normal and VITAL part of recovery’

‘Setbacks are another chance to practice with the panic’

‘Everyone thinks these thoughts’

‘This feels worse because I was doing so well’

‘I may have many more setbacks – that’s OK – I am in no danger’

‘No matter how bad I feel – It is STILL just adrenaline’

‘It’s okay – two steps forward – one step backwards’

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