Dealing with a feeling of ‘Jitteriness’


Jitteriness is just low level adrenaline

It is perfectly common and can not do you any harm

let go towards it

See what happens when you try to INCREASE it

don’t try to stop being jittery – that keeps it going

Your fear of the feeling keeps it alive

and even THAT is ok – you are in no danger

even if it lasts all day it cant do you any harm

it will just feel annoying and unpleasant

you worry that it will lead to panic – that’s ok – let it

Panic cant do you nay harm – it is just adrenaline – fight or flight – so


so let the jitteriness be as it is – you dont have to get rid of it

let it be in the background

stop giving it all your attention

stop trying to get rid of it

stop checking to see if it has gone

its just a very common part of anxiety – lots of people experience it –

its normal

Its not very nice and it is very tiring but it will pass

feel your feet on the floor

drop your shoulders

let go of your stomach – feel your breath come and go – gently

no need to fight the feelings – let go TOWARDS them

Feel MORE jittery – see if you can increase it in your mind – see

what happens

your body is not malfunctioning in any way

it is a simple cycle

you have felt anxious and your fear of that has caused more fight or

flight because your body thinks there may be danger

But there is no danger – give the body signals that all is well

let go – relax towards it – smile – don’t fight – ALLOW it all to be as it

is – it’s ok – no problem

tell yourself that if it lasts all day, even all week thats ok – so what

it will pass eventually whenever – it doesnt matter

get on with your day – practice acceptance rather than resistancego

limp – smile – laugh at it