Dealing with a ‘continuous’ feeling of anxiety

Learning about panic and doing exposure work can cause low level ‘anticipatory anxiety’. You then begin to wonder if practice is making things WORSE.

This is perfectly normal. You are used to AVOIDING all mention of anxiety and panic so it is natural that your anxiety will increase a bit.

Give it more time. It will pass. Keep in mind that EVERYONE experiences days where they feel ‘under the weather’ or ‘stressed out’.

At times like this try getting more sleep – take a nap during the day if you can (no longer than 40 minutes) and that will help refresh you.

Also – try to normalise your routine. Work on the practice yes – but don’t spend every waking moment focussed on panic – even if it is continuously in the back of your mind get on with your normal routine as best you can. Checking in on the symptoms won’t make them go away. You are in no danger – just let the feelings ‘do their thing’

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