Common catastrophic thoughts that lock us in the cycle of fear

“Maybe I am going insane”

“If I am thinking this then these thoughts must be important”

“I will never get better”

“When will these thoughts ever end”

“I won’t be able to cope with these thoughts”

“Normal people don’t think like this”

“What if I have even worse thoughts”

“I SHOULDN’T be thinking like this”

“My mind is out of control”

“What if these thoughts cause me to do something terrible”

“My mind is out to get me”

“Why is this happening to ME?”

“Maybe this is just who I AM..”

“What if these thoughts take over?”

“I can’t stop thinking these thoughts”

“I think I will go crazy if these thoughts don’t stop!”

“There is no hope for me”

“I can’t enjoy life anymore”

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