CATCH IT – Identify the unhelpful thoughts

Very often it seems like we didn’t ‘think’ anything – we just ‘felt’ terrible.

But if you go over the experience carefully you will be able to uncover some of the thoughts that went through your mind. Many people aren’t even aware that thoughts are flashing through their mind faster than the speed of light especially during a panic attack.

Consider the following questions…

What were you thinking

BEFORE – DURING and AFTER the panic attack?
Were you thinking any anxious thoughts prior to the panic?
What did you think when you felt the first symptoms of anxiety?
Did you think about stopping the anxiety or leaving the situation?
Did you ‘worry’ about what might happen next?
Did you worry about WHY the symptoms were happening?
Did you think about what other people might think?
Did you ‘worry’ about the panic attack after it died down?
• Did you worry about having another attack in the future?


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