“But why am I thinking these thoughts?..”

You will constantly try to figure out WHY you are thinking in this way.

It is a waste of time to try and figure out why you are thinking ‘particular’ thoughts. It is the anxiety cycle that is keeping ANY thought ‘stuck’ in your head.

Analysing the thoughts and trying to figure out where they came from – what they mean or if there is a deeper meaning behind them simply increases your Anticipatory Anxiety.

Even if you DID manage to overcome a thought with ‘logic’ or analysis or even by shear determination, you might pick up on ANOTHER thought the next day and be stuck with THAT in your head because you hadn’t figured out why you were having trouble with ‘stuck’ thoughts in general.

The THOUGHTS are not the problem any more than the melody or lyrics of a song stuck in your head would be the ‘problem’.

They are just ‘tired thoughts in a tired mind’.

Don’t bother analysing the ‘thought’ anymore than you would analyse a song you couldn’t get out of your head.

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