AUDIO number 8 – How to stay motivated to recover



The most important part of recovery is putting your understanding into PRACTICE

Each day it is ESSENTIAL that you move TOWARDS your fear even slightly

It is daily repetitive practice that speeds recovery

Think about where you are as far as practicing

Do you still hold back? – are you still avoiding?

Are you doing some small exposure EVERY day?

If you aren’t – then your fear will remain on hold

Don’t beat yourself up about this – it’s ok – it’s understandable – panic is a scary


You aren’t doing yourself any actual harm by avoiding

You simply aren’t allowing yourself to get past your fear

What is holding you back?

Do you keep putting it off?

Are you expecting it to all just dissappear without exposure practice – most likely it


Did you do too much last time you tried exposure? – Did that put you off?

maybe you need to read about exposure again – particularly FEAR HEIRARCHIES

better to do 10 seconds of exposure every day than none at all

Start again – it’s never too late – whatever has happened up to now is just what has


Accept that and move forward

Start a new worksheet

Write down all the places you feel you are stuck

work out your avoidance and your safety behaviour

This is the way forward. So many people think they will never get better but they


You need to break through the initial fear barrier

To begin with yes – you will get anxious

But if you plan it carefully and GRADUALLY you WILL be able to do SOME exposure

And the more exposure you do the easier it gets and after some time your fear


And when you lose your fear of panic – IT STOPS HAPPENING

it is ONLY your fear of these sensations that is the problem

And ironically it is your FEAR that causes more sensations

and all the time you are never in any ACTUAL danger


But you can ONLY REALLY learn this through putting it to the test

Knowlege isn’t enough – Ultimately you need to learn from EXPERIENCE

Then you will KNOW DEEP DOWN that it is REALLY true that this IS just anxiety

Then slowly you just let the sensations happen

and the less you react the quicker the sensations pass and your confidence grows

But you need to do it – Why put it off till tomorrow.