AUDIO number 6 – If you wake up in panic



Waking up in panic is very common

Its understandable to be scared – but it is just adrenaline – fight or flight

Catch yourself catastrophising

let go all over – relax TOWARDS the sensations

WAIT for a few seconds

now relax your stomach muscles

let yourself breathe – watch your stomach rise and fall

Now bring yourself into the room

Listen to sounds – any sound

what do you hear – traffic, birds, anything – listen carefully

Let the sensations exist – let them do their thing

it is just movement in the body due to fight or flight

it is VERY unpleasant – but not dangerous

the quicker you catch it the quicker it will pass

we wake up and feel a sensation then we panic

this makes the sensation increase – its just the panic cycle

Lots of people get this – it is very common

feel your feet – let go of your shoulders

relax your stomach – feel the breath move in and out

bring your attention into the room

the room is perfectly stable – feel that – become that – you are ok – u just dont think u are

your body is just in fight or flight

it will pass – give it time

dont try to stop the feelings – you are in no danger

Let the feelings be exactly as they are – let them increase even

smile if you can – let go – let it sweep over you