AUDIO number 5 – Dealing with palpitations



Ok – let go all over

feel your feet on the floor

relax your stomach – take a slow deep breath and let it out very slowly

smile slightly if u can

Rapid heart beat and palpitations is THE most common symptom of panic

Millions of people right now are experiencing this and they are not in any ACTUAL danger

Its simply fight or flight making the heart beat faster

There is nothing wrong with your heart

this is just a very common symptom of anxiety

You are in no danger

You may have had this many times and yet nothing bad ever happened except feeling scared

Right now it FEELS like something is wrong because when the heart beats fast for no clear reason it’s scary

But it really IS just fight or flight

When you focus on the heart beating you feel more anxious

so the heart beats even faster

the panic cycle

Lets break the cycle

Feel feet on floor

let go stomach – let your stomach breathe easy – watch it rise and fall


you are in no danger

the heart is a VERY strong muscle and can beat for long periods without ANY problem

go limp all over – relax TOWARDS all the feelings

remember it is JUST unpleasant sensations caused by adrenaline – that is all

listen to sounds around you – even if you find it hard to

Listen to just ONE sound – this will take your focus OFF the fear

and let the heart beat – its ok – let it do its worst – it’s just adrenaline

so AGAIN – feet onfloor – let go all over – go limp

take in any part of your surroundings – ANYTHING – a picture, a colour, a shape

and let your heart beat as fast as it wants to beat or as erratically as it want to be

Just let it do whatever it will do – it’s fine – you are in no actual danger

It just FEELS uncomfortable and scary – thats understandable

But its a false alarm – it will pass

Adrenaline eventually ‘runs out of steam’ and it will calm down

You know that it has calmed down many times in the past

It will do so again – just get go – everything is ok 🙂