AUDIO number 4 – help with ‘Mental Panic’


ok right now i want you to start the same process as with physical REALLY do this ok
let go all over

i want u to be a scientist right now
observe how this all works

feel yourself sitting on the chair
let your shoulders drop
feel yourself breathe from the stomach
observe the stomach rise and fall

now – let go TOWARDS all thoughts and feelings
whatever they may be
just for this one minute you move TOWARDS them
no resistance

ALLOW any feelings and all the thoughts to exist
don’t fight it – at all
feel where do the feelings arise in the body
stomach – shoulders – head?
feel where there is constriction – tightness – or dullness
no need to relax – just observe

Allow any thoughts to come
just OBSERVE – they are just thoughts
the ‘content’ of the thoughts isn’t the actual problem
you are simply anxious about having anxious thoughts

If the content of the thoughts is disturbing you give the thoughts
just say – “i am thinking thoughts ABOUT …… whatever it is”
then let the thoughts be as they are

try to sit BACK and observe rather than get pulled INTO them
see them like clouds drifting in and out
so – one thought arises – it moves along it fades away
then another one arises and so on
sit back and watch – no need to attach to any of the thoughts

Notice that a part of you doesn’t like the thoughts
so that part – the OBSERVER – can’t BE the thoughts
step back form the thoughts into the position of OBSERVER
you – as observer – are neutral – just a witness – not bothered
stay as the observer of the thoughts for a few seconds

Let go – let the thoughts do what they want
they are just thoughts
now while you observe the thoughts – refocus some of your attention your
notice the room, feel your self sitting or standing
feel your feet on the floor
observe your breath
let go of your stomach muscles
watch it rise and fall with each breath

Listen to any sounds – or even the silence
notice that here and now is quite stable
and that the thoughts are there too – thats ok
the thoughts aren’t everything – they are just thoughts
there is you – observing here and now
room, sounds, colours, your body, breath and thoughts

If the thoughts feel overwhelming – quickly translate them into physical sensations
where in the body do the thoughts appear as tension
shoulders, head, stomach, jitteriness
let that be

again pull back
let go towards everything
go limp
ALLOW all to be as it is

Let the thoughts increase if thats what they want to do
they are just thoughts so that is ok
notice any ADDED thoughts TO the thoughts
catch it
then watch them drift by like clouds
let it all happen

none of this can do u any harm
relax TOWARDS all the feelings
just be with them now
when ’future’ thinking comes up
see that as ’stirring’ the pond
it’s pointless
it just keeps u feeling horrible
so why bother
so again – let go – go limp

observe your stomach rise and fall
feel body sensations as they are
let them be
don’t resist
even with thoughts
stop FOCUSSING in on your SELF
look at something in the room
and really SEE it
feel that you have broken the ’spell’ of self focus
keep doing that
like snapping out of a dream
let go all over

and take in OTHER things
its ok to feel not ok sometimes
its just an experience

Just get on with your day
go for a walk
do some cleaning
watch tv
have a bath
make tea
Even if it takes all day – so what – thats just how it is today
You aren’t actually in any danger – it’s just very annoying thats a
like a fly buzzing round your head
give it time
then give it MORE time
You will get this eventually
It takes time for everyone

let go all over
drop shoulders
its ok
its just movement in your body

it feels terrible but u arent in any real danger
tell your body its ok
smile with your body – feel your feet on the ground
become aware of the room – even the smallest thing
listen to sounds – ANY sounds
no need to keep checking in on the panic
let it do as it will
Let it be worse if it wants to
its just adrenaline
you have just been on edge last few days due to anticipatory anxiety
this keeps adrenaline alive
and it can get triggered very easily
and then u feel strange
that’s all
just strange feelings
YOU are ok
remember – no matter how bad it can feel
its just adrenaline
and it comes in waves
one minute you feel ok
next u feel strange again
that’s adrenaline surges
ride it out
surf the surges
u will be great
i KNOW now u are on other side of it all now
this is additional necessary practice
so that you lose your fear completely
let it do its worst
remember to smile