AUDIO number 3 – If you feel overwhelmed



First of all CATCH your thoughts – They are probably spiralling out of control

Catastrophising – thinking the worst – bring that back

Ok- let go all over – feel your feet on the floor

shoulders relaxed – let go of your stomach muscles

feel your breath coming in and out with each breath

take just ONE deep breath and let it out slowly

this is fight or flight – u are in no danger really – it just FEELS like that

it is very scary but really u will be ok – this WILL pass

Stay with the practice

u don’t need to escape or get help – you will get through this ok

Your mind is on high alert because of fight or flight so you will be VERY scared

that is normal – its perfectly ok

it doesn’t mean that something is really goimng to happen

It is just a rush of adrenaline causing harmless fight or flight sensations

all the symptoms are common and harlmess

rapid heart beat, harmless – dizziness, harmless

extreme fear, harmless – tingling – all are very common symptoms of anxiety

this can only stay at a peak for a short while – it will pass – give it more time

again – feet on floor – let shoulders drop – go limp all over

let go TOWARDS all the sensations – let them be – it is just adrenaline

u don’t need to relax – u are in no danger

u don’t need to breathe deeply

u don’t need to fight the feelings – they can’t do u any actual harm

It’s understandable to feel afraid – the symptoms ARE scary – but they’re harmless

Stop stirring the pond – stop resisting – do nothing – wait – this WILL slow down

imagine all the adrenaline has been swirled up and is now slowing down – give it time

look around you – focussing on the sensations keeps them active

Look around you – look at an object – take it in – describe it slowly and carefully out


smile – breathe – let go – look around – listen to sounds

GROUND yourself BACK into your surroundings

feel the stability of the room – become steady with it

If the sensations rise up – go with it – its ok – this is normal

Adrenaline comes in waves – one minute u feel ok – then it builds again – LET IT

WAIT – Let go towards everything – smile

These feelings can arise out of the blue for no apparent reason – that’s ok

It can just happen – you are not ill – you are not going mad – this is EXTREMELY common

You are not alone in having this problem

The more you practice this way the less you will fear panic

and when you lose your fear of panic it will stop happening

just keep letting go – and letting go – wait – let it be as it is – let it pass

Listen to me carefully

the body HAS to return to normal if you stop adding more fear

The body is is simply responing to your fear of the sensations

Once you remember that the sensations are harmless the body will stop producing


Refocus your attention

What is your favourite film – seriously – what is your favourite film

How many colours can u see in front of you right now

wiggle your toes

feel your feet

feel the temperature of the room

let go stomach

go limp towards everything

the sensations are not everything – realise that – feel that

even though the sensations are strong you CAN be aware of the room

You CAN hear sounds

you CAN observe your breathing

a part of you is quite ok

That part is simply frightened of the sensations – that is all

but the sensations are JUST sensations

in reality you are OK – this will pass

a panic attack has NEVER EVER caused anyone any ACTUAL harm

They just FEEL very very scary thats all


Let go all over – feel feet on floor –

go limp – drop shoulders

relax stomach – watch the stomach rise and fall

bring your attention to your surroundings

Let the sensations continue – no need to stop them or resist them

u are in no danger

wait – this WILL pass

give it more time – even if it takes AGES – u are in no danger

sometimes it lasts longer than others – thats ok – no problem – let it take as long as it


your body is just trying to help – it has made a mistake thats all

let it know that there is no need for more adrenaline

its just fight or flight – no danger – no problem

Let go, let it happen – smile – let it get even worse – see what happens

ignore it – get on with your day – its just adrenaline – no problem – it will pass