Anxiety is a perfectly normal and necessary part of life.

Most people will experience anxious feelings at some stage in their life if put under stress – when afraid or in danger or upon hearing bad news.

Although anxiety is an emotion we generally prefer not to experience, a certain amount of anxiety is actually very helpful to us.

PROTECTION – Anxiety helps protect us from danger by stimulating our mind and body to take ACTION very quickly.

PREPARATION – Anxiety can give us extra energy and focus our minds to deal with difficult demands and challenges – (performers often say that they would worry if they DIDN’T feel anxious before going on stage because anxiety helps them remember their lines.)

MOTIVATION Anxiety can alert us to things in our life that we would be better to change – we may work too much or follow an unhealthy lifestyle.

Our goal isn’t to eliminate anxiety altogether – but to know how to deal with it when it arises.


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