Acceptance Behaviour Strategies summary..

Acceptance Behaviour Strategies summary..
Avoidance maintains panicACCEPTANCE speeds recovery
Don’t tense AGAINST the panicLet go’ TOWARDS the feelings
STOP trying to STOP panicking!LET PANIC HAPPEN
Don’t ‘TRY’ to RELAX!just LET GO of any added tension
You don’t need to do deep breathingJust relax your stomach
Stop ‘Stirring the pond’just LET IT BE – DO NOTHING
Stop ZOOMING in on the symptomsFocus outward
Panic can come in wavesRIDE the waves.. FLOAT through them.
Stop looking so SERIOUS!SMILE
Distract yourself if you feel you need to but face the feelings at the same time.
Ultimate Acceptance 1IGNORE the panic – get on with your day – why not?
Ultimate Acceptance 2Deliberately EXAGGERATE the symptoms!
After a panic attack there is NO NEED to be ‘careful’ with yourself!
Get on with your NORMAL routine


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