About the 4 Steps in CBT4Panic


This step is incredibly important when it comes to anxiety and panic because it is a LACK of understanding that gets us caught up in the fear cycles in the first place. You will realise how this happens when you take the first step.

There is SO much information online about panic and anxiety it may seem that we are well informed – but information on it’s own is not enough – it has to be explained VERY carefully and the connection between the information and YOUR EXACT experience made clear so that your brain receives the ‘aha’ moment that will start the recovery process.

This step is quite simple – but don’t let that fool you – If you understand anxiety and panic CORRECTLY you will be half way to recovery – it is that powerful..


At Cognitive Therapy Online we aren’t great believers in ‘facing the fear and doing it anyway’ – we know that people with panic HAVE been bravely facing their fear – REPEATEDLY – and yet the fear doesn’t get any easier to bear. Thankfully there IS another way to deal with panic.

Of course you want to get your life back to normal – you want to do all the things you used to do – and you WILL – but first of all we will teach you SKILLS that will help you deal with ANY anxiety very quickly and effectively. These skills have been perfected over the last 50 years through the combined studies of CBT therapists around the world – the bottom line is – they WORK!


The 3rd step is where CBT REALLY towers above all other ‘methods’ to combat anxiety. CBT is an ACTIVE recovery program.

We don’t just teach you ways to ‘cope’ with anxiety or panic – we teach you how to be completely FREE of panic attacks once and for all.

We want you to GET YOUR LIFE BACK. To do that you want to feel certain that you can DEAL with anxiety.

CBT teaches you tried and tested behavioural ‘experiments’ that allow you to prove to yourself that your understanding and skills really WORK.

Rather than throwing you in at the deep end, these experiments enable you to get your life back STEP BY STEP in a CONTROLLED and GRADUAL manner. YOU decide the pace, and CBT provides the methods and the motivation to keep you moving forward.

This step in the recovery process is why so many people recover using CBT


The final step is essential – CBT shows you how to STAY recovered – we call it ‘RELAPSE PREVENTION’

There is no point learning a few ‘techniques’ in the hope that you will feel less anxious and your panic will just ‘go away’.

CBT teaches you to take charge – it empowers you to become your OWN therapist – once you learn these skills you will never forget them.

None of us can guarantee a stress free life – The STRONGEST position you can reach is where you know FOR SURE that you can deal with anxiety without any problem should it arise again.

When you reach that point you will know – for certain – that you simply can’t get caught up in the cycles of fear to the same degree ever again.

This is REAL and PERMANENT recovery.