8 Aug to 22 Aug – Finally all the anxiety starts to unravel

In August Denise finally sent me through some of her worksheets

But there was no added requests for reassurance or talk of impending doom

I felt she was feeling ok so I explained that I was putting CBT4Panic online and that I would check out the worksheets as soon as I could

10 Aug 2017

Hello Robin,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m just checking to make sure you received my Work Sheets?  I sent the first ones on Sunday and the second ones on Tuesday.  I’m not looking for a response as I know you will be very busy,  but with the problems we have encountered, I just wanted to follow this up.

Thank you very much.


11 Aug 2017

Hi Diane

Very sorry for not replying

all the sheets came through fine

I have decided to put CBT4Panic online for free – it’s not selling at all well this way so potentially thousands of people worldwide aren’t seeing it and getting help

It is a huge job to build a website for it so I have been very focused on that – I seem to encounter one problem after another

I will try my best to look at all your worksheets soon


11 Aug 2017

Lovely to hear from you.  No problem at all Robin.  I was hoping you may be on a well deserved holiday somewhere warm, remote and relaxing.  PLEASE don’t worry about checking my work sheets.  I’d rather you get the web information “out there” as I can appreciate how important that is to people who are suffering. 

I have to say, your invaluable information, your voice, your encouraging emails and your prompt support and friendship have been inspirational to me and I know I am SLOWLY getting better and that is 100% down to you and I cannot thank you enough.  No one has ever afforded me the amount of help, understanding and advice that you have. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH, ROBIN.   I am lucky to have “stumbled” across you and your web site so, PLEASE, concentrate on reaching out to sufferers.  I can wait.

In the meantime, THANK YOU for everything.  I am delighted and privileged to have your acquaintance. Take care.  Speak soon.



16 Aug

I sent D an email about the new website


17 Aug 2017

Hello Robin,

Thank you for sharing your new web site with me.  I like it very much. I have tried many methods and cures, and I can honestly say that you and your site has done far more for me than any other so-called method.  Explanation is the key and you give that in bucket loads and the plus for me, the crux to me getting better has undeniably been your extra one-to-one follow up help and advice.

I AM getting better, Robin, I can actually FEEL myself improving and I attribute it all to you and now, when I find myself in “tricky” situations, I think to myself, “what would Robin suggest” and it always works. I owe you a great debt of gratitude so if there is anything I can do to help, please just ask.

Please keep me posted on how well the setting up is going.  I look forward to seeing it completed – as I bet you do!  And once again, thank you so much for sharing your redesigned web site with me.  When it’s ready, I will help get the word out there.

Bless you, Robin.

Love D

22 Aug 2017

Hello Robin,

Just thinking about you beavering away and wondering how the new web site is going.  PLEASE don’t think this email is a reminder about my work sheets – IT’S NOT.  I’m doing quite well at the moment and am happy to wait, I genuinely am interested in how you are progressing.  As soon as it is up and running, let me know so that I can help to get the word out there.  I’ve had another look at the email you sent me on how it is looking thus far and I think it’s brilliant – so easy to follow – and when you’re in the throes of gripping anxiety, you need to have something easy to follow as your concentration wanes. 

You really do make it interesting and you have clearly given it a lot of thought – from the style of font, down to the drawings, which really help to alleviates some of the fear of the whole suffering. To reiterate, if I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I can’t remember how I stumbled across your site but I am so glad/relieved I did. 

Don’t work too hard – we both know where that gets you.

Take care.

Love D


At this point we exchanged many emails regarding the new site – I explained that I hadn’t much time to go over her worksheets but she was totally ok with that and understanding

In each email D just gave very helpful suggestions for getting the new site out to people

I could get a definite sense that D was no longer overwhelmed about her thoughts or symptoms

so I didn’t even discuss them – because she was finally being able to talk ‘outside’ of the anxiety which was quite an achievement


27 Aug  2017

Morning Robin!

WOW, bless you.  You must be worn out and there was me thinking you might be snatching a day of Bank Holiday R & R.  Silly me, I should know by now how passionate and dedicated to the cause you are.  Well done.  I’m very proud of you.  It’s been a mammoth task for you but you’ve worked jolly hard.  I’m more than happy to run the playlists, and I’ll start the first one after breakfast.  I’ll let you know when I’ve done them all.  Not sure what you mean by the little booklet, so guess I didn’t receive one, but you’re right – I am feeling much better thank you and it’s all down to you – your information, your guidance and support, your workbooks, your videos and your email support. 

Can you recall when I emailed you a couple or so months ago in sheer panic and terror saying I had been trying to spend the day gardening but anxiety was making me frightened to be outside and I was almost relieved when it was teatime and I could come inside to safety? 

Well, the last few days, I have been in my garden, redesigning it and it has been almost bedtime before I’ve come inside for my evening meal because I have been enjoying myself digging, pruning, replanting, building walls, etc…  I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to you and as mentioned before no one, other than you, has offered me SO MUCH practical help and advice. 

I’m not quite out of the woods yet, but I know I’m almost there.  THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

A perfect stranger and you have just about CURED me.  I was in a state when I first contacted you but who would have thought that after only a few months of knowing you I’d be CURED.  You’ve done more for me in a few months than any medication, telephone counselling, books, on-line information, guaranteed so-called “methods” could do in past three years.  THANK YOU, ROBIN.  You’ve been my life-saviour!

Glad the magazine idea appeals.  If I have any other ideas whilst digging, I’ll let you know…

Now, get to bed and take some well deserved rest.

29 Aug

Hi D

I’m still uploading!!  🙂

Putting the mindfulness book up next

Last few days was busy with getting the nomorepanic.co.uk site involved

I initially tested the programme with them – then they recommended it when it was free to begin with – then they still recommended it when I charged for it – and now they AGAIN are recommending it now its free again!

The lady who runs it is a nice person and she believes in it

anyway – I left a few posts and more people are showing up to the site already

better than none!

Wanted to ask you..

Just before you sent me your worksheets – you were feeling pretty overwhelmed

then you sent the worksheets – and I explained about putting the programme online etc

and I could tell by your replies after that that you weren’t doing too bad

Have you any idea what happened to make you not feel so bad – at that point

I know the programme and our emails helped but was there anything specific recently – did having to compile the homework help?

It’s just a missing block of our ‘dialogue’ that I am curious about

I’m PLEASED for you for sure – but not quite sure what tipped the scales

answers on a postcard please…


Hello Robin,

Sorry for the delay in replying – do you know how difficult it is to find a post card these days?!?!

Re my recovery.  I don’t think there was anything specific that I can attribute to me beginning to feel better, it is more to do with an accumulation of: understanding the explanation of the knowledge you have imparted, learning to accept and ultimately ignore what has been happening to me and pushing through to the other side of panic and associated feelings. 

I love your drawings of Miss Interpretation and Mr Catastrophe.  They have really helped me to see why I have been trapped in the loop for so long and how I have been focussing on my symptoms.  Now whenever I’m feeling odd, frightened, strange, I visualise these two and they help me understand how I’m feeding the anxiety, plus, I have read and reread the workbooks so many times to the point where whenever a symptom or situation arises which causes me to feel panic or fear, I can instantly recall a relevant piece from the workbooks which answers my query, and of course, your invention of the flash cards is a wonderful antidote. 

There is so much “under one roof” in your package which has kick started my recovery, including your dialogue with Julie.  You did say in one of your previous emails to me that continuous reassurance was not a good thing and you spelled out for me the ultimate in reassurance.  For me, I have to say, that your reassurance was indeed another catalyst  towards my recovery, your reassurances DID help.  Might not be the right thing for others, but was the right thing for ME.

Hope this helps.  I’m running out of post card now.  I’m still filling in my worksheets and doing all the things you have asked of me, ALL of which are helping me, and even though some days I “wobble”  you have taught me to “get back on the bike and ride again”. THANK YOU. Without you, I don’t know where I would be at this moment in time.

Hope the new web site is nearly complete.  It is very good.  I really like it.  So professional looking and VERY easy to follow and very easy to pick out a bespoke topic.  Jolly well done.

Hope you’re able to catch some rest and relaxation in the last of the good summer days.

Thinking of you.  Speak soon.  Take care.  Love D x

So… we got there in the end 🙂

Was it the knowledge – the practice – the reassurance – me pushing her to do more – the medication – having to compile all the worksheets and homework – the medication?

Maybe it was just a mixture of all the above – but hopefully you can see that never to give up 🙂

UPDATE November 2017

The following is an excerpt from an email Denise sent me in November 2017

Thank you for all your help this year, Robin. I don’t know where I would be if I had not met you.  When I reflect on how I was last year at this time, I am so relieved that those dark days are behind me and I wholeheartedly attribute it to you and your Cbt4panic.  Your information is so well written and easy to read and even if one is too poorly to concentrate properly to absorb the information, you’ve written it in a format which is not difficult to follow and therefore makes for compelling reading.
I did have a bit of a setback last month which troubled me somewhat and I wanted to contact you to talk it through but I resisted and having thought about it rationally, I deduced that you would say I was looking for reassurance and as such, reassurance would not do me any good.  Also, I figured out that by so doing, I would be giving credence to something that would feed off the credence!!! So I rolled with the punches, read relevant sections of my Cbt4Panic and the setback started to fade…I now know I can successfully work my way through a setback.  Hope the newly revamped Cbt4Panic is doing really well.

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