19 June – Thought become so overwhelming I recommend she consider medication

19 Jun 2017

Hello Robin,

I KNOW I am seeking reassurance, but please can you help me.  PLEASE.  I have done very little to help myself during these past 10 days because for some unknown reason, I am feeling more scared than ever.  My mind is constantly SCREAMING thoughts at me and I am sure I AM losing MY MIND. I have hardly been out during the last 10 days and I know that is wrong but when I go out I CANNOT help focussing on the sky, then the world etc.  I HAVE NEVER experienced anything like this. I am so scared, Robin.  Are you sure that:

a)  it is simply just anxiety


b). you have come across people like me before

I keep re-reading our emails, but this fear of “losing my mind” is keeping my anxiety on such high alert.  Please advise what I can do.  If I let it wash over me I’m scared it will overwhelm me and then I can’t think straight.  What I have been doing is “fiddling in my handbag” because that diverts my brain from thinking about losing my mind.  Am I beyond help?  If I can’t help myself, how will I ever get better?  I keep trying but I lose heart when I don!t see any improvement.

I’m so so sorry to trouble you.  Please will you help me?

Thank you.


Hi Diane

If you send me all the worksheets then I can help

Otherwise its just reassurance

YES its just anxiety

YES I have come across many people like you

The best thing may be to go to your doctor and get some medication

i’m honestly not saying that in a negative way – some people need medication to help them cope when they cant do it any other way

You can tell them that you are finding it hard to get any relief from the intensity of the anxious thoughts and can they prescribe something mild

I have seen medication help with many people – its not like it was in the past – the meds nowadays are much better

I would consider that first before moving on – I’m not saying you are ‘worse’ than anyone else

I get clients all the time some take meds some dont

If I have a toothache I could probably meditate my way through the pain but why do that when I can just take some pain killers

It wouldn’t mean that the practice would be any different – but your fear is overwhelming you so you cant practice – so maybe meds would help

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