Stop ‘Stirring the pond’ – just LET IT BE – DO NOTHING

Acceptance Behaviour Strategies
Stop ‘Stirring the pond’ – just LET IT BE – DO NOTHING

Imagine stirring a pond with a long stick. The more you stir the more everything gets churned up. What would be the quickest way that the pond could return to normal?

That’s right.. STOP STIRRING!

It’s what you STOP doing that’s important. It is your stirring that is causing the churning and remember, even after you stop stirring, it will take TIME for the pond to settle.

It’s the same with panic – Every time you tense up, ‘think the worst’, or even try too hard to relax you ‘stir’ the Fight or Flight response. You are never in ANY danger even if you DO stir it up but the increase in adrenaline will simply create more symptoms.

Next time panic arises – remember it is just a rush of adrenaline that has become stirred up. Then LEAVE IT ALONE and STOP STIRRING. Let it settle down. Imagine it swirling slower and slower. Remember it has a certain amount of motion that will take TIME to slow down.



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