Hi, and a warm welcome to the CBT4Panic affiliate program. Thank you for choosing to partner with us. Hopefully together we can help to alleviate the suffering of a lot of people around the world.


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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is OFFICIALLY the worlds number 1 (most effective) treatment for anxiety and panic.

CBT4Panic is one of the very few professionally created anxiety & panic programs (People are becoming more wary of hyped up ‘miracle cure’ products)

CBT is the most sought after therapy on the planet!
So potential customers will already be convinced :-)

CBT is accepted worldwide as the most effective treatment for anxiety and panic attacks by health organisations, health care workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, counsellors and therapists. There is so much demand for CBT there are long waiting lists to see a Therapist – so people are looking ONLINE for CBT!




Statistics show that in the USA alone there are 20 million people who suffer from panic attacks each year and anyone who searches online for help for anxiety or panic will read again and again that CBT is the most effective treatment.

Most anxiety forums are more than happy to recommend CBT to their members. CBT4Panic is the ONLY program endorsed by www.nomorepanic.com which is one of the most respected anxiety forums with over 20,000 members.

CBT4Panic was created by practicing professional therapists.

We display our professional qualifications on the website.



CBT is a professional high quality program with a high commission 75% for our valued affiliates (we know how hard you all work)

The program sells for

  • $49 for Instant access / Download (Affiliate commission 75% = $36)
  • $67 for Instant access / Download plus booklet and DVD ROM (Affiliate commission 70% = $47)
  • $97 for Instant access plus booklet and DVD ROM plus Therapist Support (Affiliate commission 70% = $68)


You could earn from $36 to $68  on every sale

So even if you make just one sale a day that’s up to $470 a week!

Additional programs to follow

We are working on more CBT 4 STEPS programs for the most prevalent disorders.

  • CBT4Depression

  • CBT4Health Anxiety

  • CBT4Fear of Public Speaking

  • CBT4Weight Loss

So you will be able to EASILY add these programs into any promotional material you come up with.